Our outstanding software lets you make perfect 1:1 copies of your D5 and D9 movies. The built-in decryption codes will allow you to copy most DVDs.
DVD-CLONER online registration page

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Please input your order number, registration code, or registration email. You can find them in your order confirmation email.


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Please input your Product ID.


Make sure you have input the correct information and then click "register". We will make a key file for you and send to you by email. Please follow the instructions in the email to register DVD-Cloner manually.




If you are not sure what the Product ID is, please click the "about" button on the interface of DVD-Cloner. Then you will find the Product ID on the top of the dialogue window, for example, “About DVD-CLONER(xxxxxxxx)”. The "xxxxxxxx" is your Product ID.


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